YMK Nagaoka Co., Ltd.

Corporate information


Hiroyuki NishiwakiYMK Nagaoka Co., Ltd. is a specialist rattan furniture manufacturer located in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Established in 2011, we currently have 5 artisans enthusiastically devoted to producing made-to-order rattan furniture as well as carrying out repairs and overhauls. We produce a wide variety of products ranging from furniture to interiors for general home, stores facilities, including wicker chairs and rattan beds, etc. We endeavor to manufacture our products with creativity and originality while valuing the concept of working by hand.

Representative/Hiroyuki Nishiwaki

Company overview

Company name YMK Nagaoka Co., Ltd.
Established March 31st, 2011
Location Head office/factory
738-1 Takamimachi, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata-ken 940-0004
TEL 0258-89-7466 FAX 0258-25-2456
Representative Hiroyuki Nishiwaki
Business contents Manufacture, sales and maintenance of rattan furniture
Cooperative design SOD Design/Kenmochi Design Associates/Sortie Workshop/Sadao Nagaoka Design Office/Katsuo Matsumura/Yamamoto Mineko Design Office/Riki Watanabe/Kappei Toyoguchi YMK Design Holdings/Tsutomu Imazaki Design Institute
Corporate mark YMK’s corporate mark signifies lively expansion into the future with harmony and cooperation between tradition and newness.

Selections and prizes

Selected for New York MoMA Collection C-3160 Armless Chair Design: Kenmochi Design Associates
Triennale di Milano Gold Medal winner QS-100 Torii Stool Design: Riki Watanabe
Selected in Philadelphia Museum of Art Permanent Collection
Other Many products selected for Good Design by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

History of YMK Nagaoka

March 2011 Company founded
July 2013 Nagaoka Rattan Furniture Research Society (collaborative industry-academia project) launched
March 2015 “Rattan Sofa” (provisional name) exhibited by Nagaoka Rattan Furniture Research Society won Grand Prize at Niigata IDS Design Convention


Head office/factory 738-1 Takamimachi, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata-ken